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Total Management System

KeySoft Total Management System (TMS) is a coherent enterprise management system that helps organize and operate business processes.

An expanded view of the enterprise, a flexible and scalable solution that allows multiple approaches with the ultimate goal of unified management of resources and business processes.

cub TMS

KeySoft Total Management System is a unified software that incorporates the functionalities of it's modules.

Furthermore, large sets of features are interwined so that each module, seen by itself, includes non-standard features (according to general accepted definitions), but extremely useful to the end user.

Why choose KeySoft TMS

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Our solution helps reduce costs, increase labor productivity and satisfaction of employees.

Extremely flexible, KeySoft TMS will mainly use the already made investments in hardware and software infrastructure.

  • Online Reporting one click away;
  • Reduction of storage space;
  • Prompt response to partner requests facilitated by quick access to information;
  • Reduction of costs of moving and storing documents;
  • Significant reduction of working time spent on information management;
  • Secure access to information;
  • Scalability (staged investment);
  • Immediate benefits (rapid and gradual implementation).

IT Manager

Every new application installed in a company requires the attention and involvement of IT managers. What is important, however, is the amount of work required.

You have to somehow get rid of the multitude of applications that need to be managed and interfaced. We are here to make your life easier.

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  • Client auto-update – managing the client application is done remotely;
  • Industry standard technologies;
  • Quick installation;
  • Security - restrict access to features by using the configuration interface;
  • Security: information packets are encrypted dynamically through the network;
  • Reducing traffic between locations – distributed file servers;
  • Security - restricted access to documents;
  • URational use of storage facilities – through centralized management of documents;
  • Complete implementation and support services.
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The boss wants information and doesn't understand how hard you work to get it. You should use this simple, easy-to-use tool with a familiar interface.

In our view, solving the routine problems that arise in information management is essential.

  • Ease of use (according to Microsoft standards). Even a user with minimal computer knowledge will easily use KeySoft TMS;
  • The information is clearly structured and easy to find and use;
  • Multiple search options lead to immediate retrieval of information;
  • Automatic document generation will significantly ease the editing and verification effort for standardized documents;
  • You don't have to learn how the application menus are structured! Either define a custom set of menus, or define a set of shortcuts to access those menus you need!


KeySoft ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

The backbone of a software solution.

Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, Contracts, Currencies, Fixed Assets, Financial, Accounting…

Expand with additional modules for document management, customer relationship management, human resources and payroll, business intelligence.

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KeySoft CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Simplified: Companies, contacts, projects and tasks.

Plan and track in detail how companies become customers and / or suppliers. Set an hourly labor cost, report business documents to projects, and get detailed reports per project.

Expand with KeySoft BI and get extensive sets of charts and portfolio reports.

KeySoft DMS - Document Management System

Any document in electronic format can be processed, archived and transmitted on predefined processing flows.

In addition to an electronic document storage and cataloging area, the document management program includes simple and efficient solutions for generating, structuring, encoding, retrieving and accessing documents and free or planned movement of information.

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KeySoft BI - Business Intelligence

The current activity of a company generates a huge amount of data that are the basis of business decisions. The information managed in the component modules is made available to you in a structured and immediately available way.

The raw data entered into the system is transformed into useful information represented both in the form of reports and in the form of graphs with multiple filtering options.

KeySoft HR - Human Resources and Payroll

The human resources management module helps the unitary management of information about employees: recruitment, personnel management, performance evaluation, schooling, payroll (calculation).

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