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Planning, tracking and controlling activities. Archiving structured information in the form of projects.

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Extensive, unified information

All the benefits of Key Groupware are also found in KeySoft CRM. But...

KeySoft CRM is a component module of KeySoft TMS. The use of a unitary database allows the significant extension of the functionalities compared to an independent application and brings added value to the other modules.

How? See below.


The modern activity is organized in the form of projects ...

See details about project planning and tracking, organizing activities, using a common company agenda, recording costs, managing documents in the Key Groupware presentation.

Project in ERP

Especially in the case of activities that involve long sales cycles, the costs induced by prospecting, qualification and contractual negotiations reach significant values. In the absence of a proper instrument, these costs are difficult to account for.

KeySoft CRM allows the definition of multiple categories of unit costs (hours), per employee, in order to quantify the effort made to complete a project. These cost categories can model at least 2 cases: internal cost and tariff for selling the service.

Each employee will report the activities and time spent during the project. KeySoft CRM provides structured information in the form of a consolidation report per project.

In KeySoft ERP, each line of a business document (invoice, shiplist, etc.) can be allocated to a project. Thus, the consolidation report per project will record all related costs and revenues.

Get a complete report on the results of the project!

Organization and monitoring of projects

Special projects

Campaign management

Define the target list

The module allows the definition of the target list for the project either using the standard functionalities of the application (contact group, contact type, contacts of a certain sex, etc.), or using the dedicated module for dynamic queries in the database (requires SQL knowledge).

Generate personalized messages

The list thus obtained can be easily exported in tabular format (csv) and used to generate messages using dedicated applications.

Alternatively, KeySoft CRM allows you to define custom message templates (html or docx). At the touch of a button, the application will generate a custom document for each contact in the list.


Based on the answers obtained, a sales project can be generated for each person, a project that will follow the standard procedures.

Campaign history remains available in the app.

Event management

The Event project is a tool dedicated to the management of events, whatever they may be (organization of courses, fairs and exhibitions, parties, etc.…).

The application allows you to define and track the elements needed to organize an event:

  • Period;
  • Number of seats available;
  • List of participants;
  • Generating event-specific documents (invitations, course materials, feedback forms, etc.);
  • If the participation in the event requires the payment of an amount, a sales order model can be established, and this can be generated automatically to the participant.

The project manager has the possibility to define the list of participants, each of them being characterized by a state (the list of states can be configured by the beneficiary). It can be set that a certain status of a participant will automatically reserve a place.

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Starting with inventory management and business accounting (ERP), KeySoft TMS coordinates human resources (HR) and customer relationship management (CRM) through business processes organized and tracked by the document and internal flow management solution (DMS). ), converting raw data into information in the form of graphs and reports (BI).