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We are rapidly developing database software applications

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None of the available software applications meet your needs?

Key Soft has internal tools to quickly develop software you can rely on. The applications are fast, stable and developed on a structure verified for a period of over 10 years.

Our products are designed to provide security, availability and flexibility.

Technical details

Applications with 3 interconnected levels (3-tier), each with different functions. Each level can run on a separate computer, or any combination of them can be configured on one or more computers. Communications are encrypted.

Hardware requirements are minimal. Any modern computer can run our applications.

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The application client is a thin client. The entire logic of the application is located at the server, the client serving only as a graphical interface for entering, displaying, modifying or deleting data.

Optionally, applications can run on a "responsive" web client (browser).

  • Relational database server: the database server layer ensures the uniform and consistent storage of data in a single database. We have implementations on SQL Server (Express), MySQL and Oracle.
  • Application Server: Contains application logic and models data processing rules (business logic). It must be Windows (even a PC can act as a server).
  • Client: The user interface level contains the graphical interface elements (windows, buttons, etc.) that allow data entry / viewing. Windows in the case of the application client or independent of the operating system in the case of the web client.

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