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Unitary management of employees: recruitment, personnel management, performance evaluation, training, salary (calculation).

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Human Resources and Payroll

KeySoft HR is a module specially designed to solve the problems related to employee records according to the legislation in force, adapted to the requirements, size and environment in which the company operates.

The Human Resources module monitors the entire activity of the human resources department: recruitment, personnel management, performance evaluation and employee training.

Below is a brief description of the features.

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Company structure - Organization chart

It allows the definition of the departmental structure (organizational chart), as well as the list of positions.

Each position can be associated with a job description and a set of skills required to fill that position. Capabilities are measurable and freely configurable (by the end user, as needed).

Personnel management

Ensures the retention of information about employees (personal data and information related to the activity in the company).

Of great importance are the employee's skills. These - balanced with the capabilities required by the job description.

Structure of KeySoft HR


Evaluation forms can be defined for each position. The forms contain measurable evaluation criteria, structured in chapters.

During an evaluation session, the forms previously predefined by the human resources specialist are sent on predefined flows to the evaluators, for completion (requires license for Workflow module for each evaluator). After completion, the application calculates a score, which is compared to the minimum score, allowing the HR specialist to get an image of the current level of the employee.

The evaluation forms are automatically attached to the personal file of the respective employee.


Both the Human Resources department and the company's employees can generate training proposals. Proposals must specify the capability that is intended to be improved for that employee.

These training proposals are sent on approval workflows. The approved proposals will be included in a training plan for a certain period.

Depending on the approved proposals, the HR specialist will look for suppliers for the required courses. The offers received from these companies are sent through workflows, for approval.

Each approved and conducted training course will be automatically attached to the personnel file of the employee who completed it.


The CVs involved in the recruitment process are inserted in the application, together with their data:

  • Personal and identification data;
  • Educatiion;
  • Professional experience;
  • Previous trainings
  • Foreign languages;
  • References;
  • Documents can be attached (example: scanned resume, or other associated documents).

Following the interviews and evaluation tests, the human resources specialist will evaluate the candidate's abilities and will be able to compare them with those required by the position for which he / she applied, being able to make a decision:

  • Acceptance of the candidate;
  • Rejection of the candidate;
  • Putting the CV on hold;
  • Changing the position for which he applied with another, closer to the candidate's abilities.


KeySoft HR is a flexible application, easy to use, adaptable to changes in legislation and especially adaptable to the specifics of customers, being possible to define and modify any elements that are part of the salary, any business models and types of hours specific to the organization.

It integrates in its structure a timekeeping application, calculating and establishing the benefits of employees through the record of productive and non-productive time (such as: medical leave, leave, unmotivated absences). In this way the employees are remunerated according to the actual work they carry out.

It allows the calculation of the salary starting from gross to net or from net to gross.

It provides, in real time, information regarding the employees, the way in which they are integrated in the structure of the departments, as well as the way in which they are remunerated.

Generating reports and accounting notes that allow, at any time, the easy evaluation of the activity performed by the employees.

Quickly find reports by simply selecting the desired report and month.


  • Departmental staff structure;
  • Staff structure by positions;
  • List of training courses per employee;
  • List of evaluations per employee;
  • Training plan;
  • List of courses taken over a period of time;
  • Employees who correspond to a certain set of skills;
  • The difference between the capabilities of an employee and the capabilities required by a job;
  • Payroll;
  • Salary detail notes;
  • Fiscal sheet;
  • Statements: pension, unemployment, health.

In addition, using the dynamic query module, other additional reports can be easily defined.

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