Service Activities Management

Partners, equipments, installed base, tickets, work orders, reports.

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Instant image of the status of the equipment in the Installed base.

In case of a service call, the equipment is immediately identified: Fast filtering by article and / or serial and / or beneficiary. The module displays the entire intervention history.

Press a button and the Service Call (Ticket) is generated, automatically taking the information about equipment, beneficiary, contract / warranty and proposes response and resolution times.

A simple selector allows me to assign the ticket to an engineer. He will receive a notification (both via the app and via email).

Based on document templates you can generate (depending on the business model):

  • Ticket receipt notification to the beneficiary;
  • Service order (Work order), for travel to the intervention;
  • Detailed notification to subcontractor;
  • Detailed notification to authorized service.
  • Any other type of document characteristic of the activity model. You can define an unlimited number of document templates.
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Consolidation of information

Companies and contacts, articles and services, installed base, guarantees, contracts, offers, service calls ...

Everything in an organized and quickly accessible database.

Service document management

The application modules allow the attachment of documents in electronic format.


The access rights system allows the allocation of rights per user or group of users.


The documents related to the service activity are generated based on templates predefined by you. These will be standardized and will denote professionalism.

Knowledge base

The know-how module provides employees with information grouped by category, characterized by a name and keywords and represented by either a document or an Internet address.

Potential uses:

  • Technical library;
  • List of internal procedures;

We are convinced that you will find many other use cases.

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