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A software program that focuses on the basics of document management.

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Why document management software?

What is document management, why do you need a software solution for document management, are questions that we have tried to answer in the page dedicated to document management software applications.

Here's what KeyDoc can do for you

Immediate results

A few simple configurations and the application is ready to gather and organize all important documents, in any electronic format.

Anyone know how to create directories and add documents.

High availability

The information becomes available. You no longer have to run through the archives or ask your colleagues. The extended search engine will give you an immediate answer.


The access rights system gives you the option to limit the access to documents both per user and per group of users.

Documents added to the application are archived on the server.

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The document history tracking mechanism ensures the consistency of the document (check-in / check-out mechanism) and allows colleagues to contribute to the elaboration and structuring of the information.

Consistent format

The generated documents will have a consistent format, a guarantee of professionalism. You can easily define an unlimited number of document templates and make them available to colleagues.

Procedure popularization

Procedures are a necessary evil. Let's make it easier to know and respect them. At the touch of a button, each of your colleagues can be notified of any changes.

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Each document can have several predefined features: file, description, type, keywords. Each of these helps to quickly find documents. But, that may not be enough ...

A dedicated module allows you to define additional categories of document attributes - metadata.

Example: Category = "Contract" with attributes: "Date", "Type", "Partner", "Value".

Physical archive

You may already have many documents in physical format. Normally, they are cataloged and organized. If the scanning effort is too great, it is enough to add a simple description of the physical document and specify its location: room, closet, bookcase.

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Optional - Document flows module

The flow module helps you graphically define procedures. In order to be informed and respected, it is enough for the employee to know where to find the menu entry to start a flow.

In-Out Document Register

Also available as a standalone application, the electronic input-output register is built into KeyDoc.

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Workflow module - optional

Whether we like it or not, a minimal set of procedures must be implemented to optimize the activity. Easy to say...

There are some problems. First, the procedure must be designed - this is the most complicated part. Then, that procedure must be popularized, brought to the attention of employees. It must also be respected.

The flow module helps you graphically define procedures. In order to be informed and respected, it is enough for the employee to know where to find the menu entry to start a flow.

Alternative document management applications

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Documents & Projects

Documents are a natural extension of the activities carried out to complete the projects.

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KeySoft DMS

Part of KeySoft TMS, KeySoft DMS is a solution for optimizing document management and automating internal processes.

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In-Out Register

Any document can be added to the Electronic Register of Inputs - Outputs. It will receive a self-generated registration number as well as additional attributes.